Sticky Conversations

Confronting people is a part of doing business and a part of life. It’s not always fun, but sometimes necessary. With a little help and the right attitude, it can be done with grace and ease.

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Looking for a new Employee? Beware

Being in the business of hiring and firing personnel, I ran across a few weird cases ranging from weirdly dressed to carrying the wrong attitude needed from an employee.

Below are a few images on the different types encountered so far:

The Apologizer - Interviewee Gone Bad
Every time you see him, he apologizes for something – either made up or factual. From running late to arriving to early. From not understanding you or for speaking uninvited. For not speaking enough.
The appeaser
Overly dedicated from the moment you see him – you can almost smell desperation on him. I feel sorry for these people as they are trying their best to impress, but sometimes they go overboard when saying what they are willing to do to get the job done.
The bullshitter
*cough cough* Sorry, I’m allergic to BS.
This is what I should have been saying when I heard an interviewee brag about his past performances which included running the 42Km Marathon, developing Windows with Bill Gates, telling Steve Jobs that the iPad sucked waaay back and also having met with all three US presidents in person.
The Mute
Either caused by emotions or unwillingness to communicate, the Mute Interviewee is easily recognizable by the lack of sounds he produces. You ask him a question and he either takes a very long time to respond or responds in a laconic fashion. “So, what did you study in college?”
Expected answer: “C#, VB.NET, a bit of ASP, loads of database programming with SQL”
Real answer: “Programming.”
Very keen to find out just what he did last summer.
The Nervous Twitcher
You are in a meeting room with your colleague. You are looking at the last person that came in for the job you advertised. He is sitting there tapping his hand on the arm rest looking at you. “Is he so impatient to get started? He’d only just come in.”
Then he takes a pen and starts twirling it in his hand. And then starts talking but the pen does not stop moving. It’s worse if they distract you with a noise they are not aware of even making.
The Underdresser
I know it’s summer time, but when going to an interview you do not need to show your new bathing suit or your jogging pants.
A friend of mine had one guy show up at a business class centre dressed in jeans and snickers. He was promptly kicked out and asked to return in proper attire if he wanted a shot at getting the job. I was kinder to the people that came to my interview room but I went wild once when a guy turned up in shorts, nodded past me and then sat on the office couch like he owned the place, legs sprawled and arms everywhere. When he asked me “Make me a coffee and send the interview person in” I promptly showed him the door and asked him to step out for good.
The overdresser
When going to an interview you need to be properly dressed. A smart suit, a gray dress, even a black one will be appropriate along with a plain blouse or shirt.
Coming with your grandmother’s pearls or with a tuxedo is a bit of an overkill, telling the employer that you do not know the job you are applying for well enough nor the common sense …
The Trash Talker
You know confidence can be attractive in an interview. Being a douche cannot be considered in any way attractive. Bad mouthing your past colleagues, your employers and even the company you are currently in will only get you black points and out the door as soon as you come in.
The Talker
Pertinent responses to questions are about a phrase or two long. I do not want to know your life story since birth. I do not want to know what you did yesterday or what you ate for lunch. Overtalking can get you into bother with the Mafia and it can certainly also keep you away from your dream job.
The Stench
Pretty self explanatory. BO kills.