Anonymous – Vatican hack. Are they going too far?

The hacktivists have decided to revenge the Pope all medieval sins including the execution of Giordano Bruno. The media has made a conclusion that the world’s known hacker outfit Anonymous isn’t prepared to let bygones be bygones.


A couple of days ago, the Vatican’s official site was inaccessible for a few hours, and Anonymous Italian members were quick to stick their hands up to confess to the crime. However, the local press revealed that the hackers weren’t miffed at the Church for any of its recent actions. Instead, they have focused on a complaint that would have been familiar to Martin Luther.

The outfit explained that the hack was intended to protest against a number of alleged abuses by the Catholic Church, like past execution of heretics, as well as the selling of indulgences. Those used to be when someone paid the church to get out of purgatory early by arranging for appropriate prayers to be said after someone died. In fact, this scam was invented by one of the British popes who appeared to know a fair bit about purgatory having visited early Slough.

The hacktivists have issued a statement, saying that they have decided to put Vatican’s website under siege in response to their doctrine, liturgy and the absurd and anachronistic rules that this “profit-making organization” spread throughout the globe. Meanwhile, the intruders clarified that the attack wasn’t against the Christian religion or the faithful throughout the globe, but rather against the corrupt Roman Apostolic Church.

As you might know, the Church did apologize for the execution of some of its heretics, including Giordano Bruno, who was the first to suggest that life might have been existed on other planets. However, Giordano Bruno, who was a monk, also believed that it’s better to worship the Sun than Christ.