How to get backlinks

You’ve got your site uploaded and finally working – now you want to “force” Google Spiders and potential customers to come to you.
“Gimme Traffic, and lots of it!!”
You will probably have heard of the common term Indexing. It’s really just a method to get Backlinks. Just remember that Backlinks are kings of cool in terms of indexing and traffic.
Backlinks are links from other pages/sites to your page/site and they are sometimes referred to as Inbound or Incoming links.
This is akin to a popularity contest, the more links going to your site the better. Google and the other search engines think all these people like the site because they are linking to it, so they are forced to agree they like it too, and index it – whoopee – more traffic, more eyeballs on site!!

However, remember that Backlinks are only useful if the site linking to you is already indexed itself! So, by leading the bots that regularly visit these already indexed sites straight to your site you’re speeding up your own site’s indexing process.

Linkbuilding Methods

Before I show you a method of getting Backlinks while you watch it happen – here are a few working ideas which you can use as routines to build Backlinks regularly yourself, which will in turn get your page indexed, in most cases at a pretty rapid pace. If you’re already indexed this can continue to improve your position in the search engines or cause the search engines to crawl more of your pages and get more of your site indexed.

Blogging – Jackpot! This is another great way to get Backlinks. When you write a blog, Google knows about it practically before you’re done writing it.
Google and other search engines visit Blog sites too many times in a day to count. You can use free of charge, or safeguard your investment by setting up a WordPress Blog on your own domain / Web Hosting.
When you make a blog posting and casually drop in your site with a link to it, you’ve actually created a Backlink. Any blog host that is of any worthiness is indexed in Google and the other Search Engines.
Almost all methods of getting Indexed quickly rely on Backlinks and getting them easily. Blogging is a great way, as is having your friends link to you if they already have indexed sites.
Below are some reputable Blog sites that could be of great use to you. Don’t put a blog on every single one of them, or at least don’t put a blog on every one as well as using the future methods I am going to talk about. It can do more harm than good if you overdo it and appear to Spam any of these sites.

For a similar reason I’m not including a clickable link below!
BUT – Six good sites to Blog to about your own Site are: – www.

There are many, many, many more Blogging sites. Some are for just general Blogs and others are for specific types of Blogs. Do some research and you’ll find a lot more with Google etc. Blogging, combined with Pinging, may be the most useful and successful way to get indexed.
It can all be free and really valuable when it comes to getting indexed, and getting indexed quickly. I won’t cover Pinging in this short introduction but I must touch on RSS.
RSS – Really Simply Syndication: – It’s a way to let the search engines and blog hosts know when you update your page or blog on the spot. While RSS alone is useless, when you make use of it with your blog or page it’s just another tool in the arsenal of indexing that you can readily take advantage of.
This isn’t a fully comprehensive guide, it’s an introduction to some important principles and methods to get you geared up so you know what you’re doing and why! The one sure thing about RSS is that it really does work. Always try to include RSS feeds and go out of your way to ensure your methods make use of them.
See the site at www “dot” for a really useful RSS Directory.
Social Networking: – Bingo, another great source of valued links!
In addition to Blogs you should always include at least a small circle of linked Social Network Sites for your main Keyword Site(s). I’m not going to cover this in detail here, it’s a big topic. However, for your immediate guidance I strongly recommend you research using: – www.


Be sure to follow this up as the Social Sites are already well crawled and spidered by the search engines and carry high rankings. How does this help?
– eg if you set up a Squidoo Lens around just one keyword phrase for the site you link it to, and make it a valued Lens (see instructions in on this), then it will be well ranked on Squidoo and will also be well placed for the search engines because of the ranking that Squidoo carries itself. This will get you indexed rapidly and prove a real traffic driver, a FREE TRAFFIC DRIVER. Duplicate this for 3 or 4 of your keywords on Squidoo,
repeat that for HubPages etc, etc……… and Bob’s your Uncle!!
Of course there are hundreds of sites besides Squidoo and HubPages so as these two become known and “busy” try some of the less well known sites (Google them yourself) and follow the age old principles:
1. Track your activity
2. Check what’s working, tweak what’s not
3. Select the best (this is the Rinse!)
4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

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