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.NET, SQL Server 2005, SQL Server 2008, ASP.NET C#, VB.NET Development, Website Development, Database maintenance

ASP.NET Software Development

Custom Web Application Development at its best

Our company (a Microsoft Partner) loves to work with Microsoft® based technologies. This is why all of our work will be done in .NET technology.

We have specialized in intranet & extranet website application development which will take your company to a new level. You will be able to automate tedious jobs, keep track of sales and company performance indicators, run reports on the data you have, generate on-the-fly invoices, keep track of outstanding payments and many more.

Tell us what your business needs and we will give you a quote on how long it would take to do and how much it will cost you. Compared to other companies on the software development market, we will also show you in figures how much you will be saving by putting such a system in place.

We automate purchasing, operations, warehouse,
sales and marketing, research and development, finance and accounting, human
resources, and information systems.

SQL Server Management & Administration

Our developers work with the highest standards when it comes to working with Microsoft® SQL Server® 2000, 2005 or 2008.

They know how to work with T-SQL (creating tables, views, stored procedures and functions, dynamic SQL), work with databases (schema design, normalization,
working with large data sets). A few of their other skills are listed below:

  • New SQL Server 2005/2008 Installations and Database migrations
  • Usage of XML and XML schemas in SQL to reduce server load and to upload large amounts of data easily
  • Database maintenance
  • Index defragmentation
  • Index identification and tuning
  • Usage of the Performance Monitor to identify slow running scripts and resolve time-outs
  • Query optimisation
  • Conversion from legacy systems – DTS->SISS
  • Data Import from different sources: Progress®, Fox Pro® 8 and above, Microsoft® Access, Microsoft Excel, CSV files
  • Creating and configuring of SQL Jobs – either via script or via the Enterprise Management Studio
  • Database Replication and Mirroring between two sites


In today’s world, if you are selling inside a shop, there is nothing better than increasing your
customer base to the entire region or even throughout the country. With a proper distribution channel, you can sell througout the world!

Custom Shopping Carts Maintenance and Development

If you do not have a shopping cart already, you can purchase an off-the-shelf one with all the features or go for a free one from nopCommerce.
With so many free shopping carts, we consider it would be a waste of our development time to create one from scratch and then try to sell it.

What we do instead is assist our customers with their existing shopping carts.

We add new features that the original developers did not think of, modify the appearance / layout, add or remove elements or implement functionality which is specific to your business.
Our monthly payment scheme allows the customer breathing space (and more money to invest in more important places).
Ask us for a quote today and we’ll respond within 24h.

Currently, we specialize in ASP.NET based shopping carts, so if you have a
PHP shopping cart like CubeCart, ZenCart or OSCommerce, we can direct you to one of our software partners that deal with these.



Having a retail shop is not a mandatory option as we have worked with several companies who offer drop-shipping. Drop-shipping means that you only need to close a contract with the distributor, set up your online website,
integrate the supplier’s data feed (list of products) on your website, set up the costs so that they are higher than the price that you would pay for them and wait for the profit to roll in.

How this works: you do not own any stock (physical stock). When somebody purchases a product from your website, then you would purchase the same product from the distributor and he will handle the shipping process to the end-client.
You will remain with only the mark-up that you put on top of the wholesaler’s price.

For example, if the wholesaler is using £10 for a product as a drop-shipping price and you sell the product with £12 on your website, the £2 profit will go into your pocket without lifting a finger.

The only thing you need to do is make sure that the stock on your website is always accurate and that the products received from the wholesaler are showing on your website.

Data Feeds (from Wholesalers to Retailers)

If you are a wholesaler and you would like to implement drop-shipping to increase your sales territory and your profit margins, you will need a way to make your product list available to potential retailers (either with a store or just online).

To do this, you will need to send them your product list (name, description, recommended re-sell price, price of the product for the reseller, recommended category, stock quantity) in a format which they can read and re-use. Best ways to send data is through the use of web-services. A Web Service will act like an intermediary to your internal data source and through some very well constructed methods, it will return a list of products in XML format.

This means that the customer can implement the feed reader regardless of the development language preferred as XML is cross platform compatible. This means that the end retailer can use Java, ASP.NET, PHP or even Ruby On Rails to do their Shopping Cart.

A good software company (like ours) will have no issues writing a web service for you that will take care of the product feed distribution.

Other methods to get your data to retailers:

  • An Excel Spreadsheet
  • A Small Database (Access, Fox Pro, DB2)
  • A formatted text file (CSV, Tab Delimited)

After the retailers integrate this data feed into their shopping carts, you will also need to supply them with product images. You can do that either via FTP downloads of zipped files (this is how

Leg Avenue
do it), mailing them a CD with all the images (preferred method for Rubies) or allowing them to download each image individually through a software system and also all of the images in individual zip files separated by small, large and hi-res images (like Smiffy’s Fancy Dress).

We shall not advocate for one way or another, but we can advise the customer which way is better for their business.

Web Design & Branding

Do you have a company website? Take an objective look at it. Are you happy with what you see?

If the answer to the above questions is no, then you might need to invest a little in your company’s image.
Take a look at our skin gallery to see our designer’s work.

We reskin Facebook™ pages, WordPress blogs, Company Websites, Business Pages, Shopping carts and many more.

Ask us for a quote!

Branding is as important to a company as water is to plants. We start with your company identity and a chat with the owner.
We need to see what are the valuable points which you need other people to know about you.

Before you become “John, the best mechanic in town” you need to be:

  • a) a mechanic
  • b) the best in town (no joke). You need to prove consistently that you are the best at what you do without any mistakes.

Unfortunately, this is not a thing that can be achieved overnight.
You need to work at this for a few months, maybe years. The more people know about you, the more you can say you have a brand notoriety.

Ask us to call you back and discuss!


Web & Intranet Security Checks and Advice

Did you recently fire someone? If yes, did you immediately change their computer passwords and removed their user from the server? Did you change all the other sensitive passwords?

Our company has a set of training courses for the IT Managers and for regular employees on how to handle sensitive data, how to protect it and how to stay alert to avoid any fraudulent attempts to remove this data.

Did you know that most security breaches were caused by company employees willingly giving access to an unknown person asking for it?
Book a seminar day for your company and we’ll teach your employees everything they need to know about security.

If you already think that your company is secure, why not test it? Our white-coat hackers are trained to test any network for vulnerabilities and so far, we have not found a company which was safe on all points.