textile factory quality controller checking yarn

With the right tools at your disposal, possibility emerges. In manufacturing, that means a whole world of opportunity opens up, where yes becomes the answer to every question concerning what you can make or do in your operation.

BIANCA gives you the capability to meet all of your manufacturing requirements. From full lot and serial number traceability, to catching errors before they happen at the point of activity, your operation runs smoother and more efficient than ever.

Actual lot costing per manufactured lot/batch/serial number and proof of all QC actions, along with precise inventory and labor costing gives you true lean manufacturing in your operations. You will see a complete and accurate picture of your manufacturing enterprise for better, faster, easier decision-making.

Whether you build-to-order or build-to-stock or a mixture of both, BIANCA has carefully designed and developed manufacturing software with fully integrated modules for discrete and process manufacturing operations. Designed for easy set-up, you can visually review and plan all of your manufacturing lines with manufacturing constraints and orchestrate your entire manufacturing enterprise.




  1. Instant Stock Reports
  2. Quality Control functions
  3. Goods In modules
  4. Customer Purchases
  5. Supplier Rejects Management
  6. Production Flows (Raw -> Machined -> Finished statuses)
  7. Error reporting
  8. Tooling
  9. Bonus Cards
  10. Despatch module
  11. Projects
  12. File Management (Product Version Management)

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