Our Studios

Each Studio represents deep pockets of expertise in the latest technologies and trends

They are small operating units that foster creativity and innovation while allowing us to build, enhance and consolidate expertise around a variety of emerging technologies. Each of the Studios have specific domain knowledge and deliver tailored solutions focused on specific technology challenges.

  1. Business Hacking: Non-traditional ways to create new business value.
  2. Future of Organizations: Helps organizations with their internal digital transformation and digital corporate culture.
  3. Stay Relevant: Provides valuable information to help organizations remain at the forefront of user’s expectations.
  4. Agile Delivery: Aligns stakeholders and methodologies to meet business goals through sustainable operations designed to scale.

  1. Scalable Platforms: Builds consistent cross-channel customer experiences to support reliable products. Scalable Platforms – Supporting reliable products
  2. Continuous Evolution: Evolves existing applications and helps our clients improve the value of their software over time. Continuous Evolution – Making evolution happen
  3. IOT: Helps our customers develop their products and gather information about behavior, activities and sensor-collected data.
  4. Big Data: Unlocks the true value of data to create meaningful and actionable business insights. Big Data – Turning data into insights
  5. UI Engineering: Leverages the latest UI technologies and architectures to build next-gen digital products. UI Engineering – Building digital products

  1. Consulting: Analyzes and strategizes to deliver transformation by putting the customer at the center. Consulting – We facilitate change and drive growth
  2. Product Acceleration: Conceptualizes and defines products to meet user expectations. Product Acceleration Delivering best-in-class digital products
  3. UX Design:Brings design and UX strategy to worldwide digital challenges. UX Design – Designing relevant experiences

  1. Artificial Intelligence: Harnesses the power of AI to create new and better experiences and services.
  2. Process Automation: Optimizes processes leveraging our cognitive solutions to enable our clients to be more efficient, innovative and agile. Process Automation – Efficiency driven by technology
  3. Blockchain: Create trustworthy and efficient solutions that harness the power of blockchains tailored to your business needs. Blockchain – Building trust

  1. Cloud Ops: Combines cloud technologies and continuous integration and delivery practices for efficient ways of doing business. Cloud Ops – Delivering products faster
  2. Quality Engineering: Reduces our clients’ business risks ensuring high-quality products that meet the needs of demanding users. Quality Engineering – Enabling quality everywhere
  3. Cybersecurity: Ensures the proper strategies and implementations are in place to create safe and secure products. Cybersecurity
  4. Digital Content: Develops digital online strategies through the creation of original and customized products and solutions. Digital Content
  5. Media OTT: Designs, builds and launches premium video experiences across devices that drive engagement and increase monetization. Media OTT – Every pixel, every screen