Mission Statement

Growing together successfully

Each customer a reference

We practice an open and clear communication as well as a faithful approach with the customers.

By means of performance, competence and knowledge we will convince him to have chosen the right partner and solution.
We will focus on the customer benefit and would like all customers to rate KCS.net as a guarantee for quality,
service and reliability.

Colleagues as foundation of success

We associate partnership and respect with one another. Communication is open, direct and clear.
Our senior management take their duty of care seriously and stand by their colleagues.
They set an example of what they demand from colleagues.
Carra Lucia Ltd offers room for pro-activity and creativity and fosters individual development.

Developing something new with enthusiasm

We look forward to new responsibilities and challenges and want to handle these by means of
continuous improvement of workflows as well as with a distinct sense of responsibility.

Fairness in competition

We practise a loyal relationship with business partners.
The handling of competitors is coined by fairness and self-confident trade.

We are interested in the activities of the competitor and set our strengths against this.

Accepting responsibility

We value reliability and acceptance of responsibility for customers and suppliers with and for each other.
We do not overcome difficulties by searching for the causer, but confront them with solutions.

Carra Lucia Limited combines interest, enthusiasm, and cooperation in partnership specifically.

Approach and values

By being technical experts in search marketing, Analytics and technical development; we have a proven track record of reducing costs per conversions and achieving sales targets.
You will benefit from:

  • Our transparent, honest and educative approach
  • A dedicated client services team
  • Monthly reporting and integration with Google Analytics
  • Our investment in technology and developing our own tools
  • A commercial approach, providing value for money and getting a great return on your investment