Make Every Page Link-Worthy

Ten or fifteen years ago, the best web programmers were the ones who could balance visual effect and code economy .

In other words, there was no reason for a line of code unless its result was a benefit to the site. Limited bandwidth created a value for fast-loading pages. For users with a limited bandwidth of, for example, 56 Kbps, every second was valuable and any extraneous coding simply wasted time.

Similarly , the philosophy behind link-worthy pages is that there’s no reason to create a page if that page has no chance of ever being linked to for one reason or another, from some site or another.

Because link juice and authority are both limited and valuable (like time and bandwidth were in the preceding example), there is no benefit to creating pages that will simply suck the site’s authority and never earn their own.

This doesn’t mean that all pages are therefore created equal and should get equal treatment from your architecture. Instead, it means that while you’re deciding upon your content, you should similarly decide upon the level of authority that each page will be granted. While you may be forced to have a “Terms and Conditions” page, you can also decide that it will receive no link authority from your navigation (which is quite different from saying that it won’t get any internal linkage).
Content for content’s sake is a waste of resources and a distraction for users.

It’s far better, in terms of both SEO strategy and user experience, to have 12 pages of real meat than 100 pages of shadow and dust. If you’re about to create a page but are unable to envision who would link to it or why , then you should reconsider creating it.


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