Installing VB6 gives missing MSDN332.inf

1. Create a directory on your network drive. For example, C:MSDN VS6.
2. Create the following subdirectories: C:MSDN VS6CD1 and C:MSDN VS6CD2.
3. Copy the contents of CD1 and CD2 to their respective directories in C:MSDN VS6 that you just created.
4. Copy the Msdn332.inf file from C:MSDN VS6CD2 to C:MSDN VS6CD1.
5. Copy the contents of C:MSDN VS6CD2MSDN to C:MSDN VS6CD1MSDN.
6. This should leave the C:MSDN VS6CD2 directory empty.
7. Delete the C:MSDN VS6CD2 directory.
8. Install MSDN on the network by double-clicking setup.exe in C:MSDN VS6CD1.

Unfortunately the documentation did not mention what “MSDN 332.inf is used for.

If you can’t find the MSDN332.inf and MSDN331.inf, just create two empty files and put them into your setup directory along with your exe file.