Attention-grabbing headlines aside, email is not dead yet. It’s true that text messaging, instant messaging and social networking provide an alternative means of communication to email for many.

Web-based email usage is actually declining, in fact, according to some recent data from comScore. However, most of that is due to the increase in mobile email usage. Smartphones have made email-on-the-go not only accessible but even convenient and practical.

Still, email is a top-performing marketing channel. A survey by Foresee Results examining the top 40 retailers over the 2010 holiday season found that 19 percent of respondents* visited a retailer’s website because of a promotional email. Compare that with just 8 percent who said the same about a search result. According to the study,

“Only about 5 percent of online holiday shoppers report being primarily influenced to visit top retailer sites by social media channels…”

But while email still drives traffic, conversions and brand loyalty, it is no doubt an evolving industry that demands attention from Web professionals.
Mobile email presents challenges, in the form of smaller screens and even smaller attention spans from busy users. Advertising within emails has become common, opening new channels for promotion. Email targeting capabilities are more advanced than ever. Even multimedia is making its way to email. In other words, email is no longer simply a message. Increasingly email is becoming a full interactive environment in itself, which is trackable, optimizable and directly attributable to a company’s bottom line.

All of this means that it is more important than ever to realize the full value in an email service provider (ESP). Today’s Web professionals need more than a platform, they need a partner. Website Magazine’s Top 50 Email Service Providers is here to help your business find that partner. You might think that all ESPs are the same. They are not. When evaluating potential providers be sure to ask plenty of questions – including how deliverability is optimized, targeting options and analytics capabilities. And one element in particular that should never be overlooked (but often is) is ease of use.

Ranks are calculated using a proprietary method that focuses on average daily unique visits and page views over a specified period of time, as reported by multiple data sources. The website with the highest combination of factors is ranked in the first position. Conducting research, making formal comparisons and talking to existing clients and users before making any purchase decision is always recommended.

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  1. ConstantContact.com
  2. icontact.com
  3. getresponse.com
  4. VerticalResponse.com
  5. exacttarget.com
  6. streamsend.com
  7. ratepoint.com
  8. campaigner.com
  9. bronto.com
  10. Benchmarkemail.com
  11. lyris.com
  12. topica.com
  13. netatlantic.com
  14. mailchimp.com

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  15. silverpop.com
  16. mailermailer.com
  17. myemma.com
  18. interspire.com
  19. mynewsletterbuilder.com
  20. graphicmail.com
  21. listrak.com
  22. jangomail.com
  23. resultsmail.com
  24. aweber.com
  25. bighip.com
  26. icontactplus.com
  27. cooleremail.com
  28. lsoft.com
  29. ipost.com
  30. sendfree.com
  31. massmailsoftware.com
  32. eliteemail.com
  33. yesmail.com
  34. reachmail.net
  35. knotice.com
  36. boomerang.com
  37. strongmail.com
  38. arialsoftware.com
  39. blueskyfactory.com
  40. delivra.com
  41. emfluence.com
  42. responsys.com
  43. easycontact.com
  44. savicom.net
  45. loopfuse.com
  46. emercury.net
  47. goldlasso.com
  48. touchpointec.com
  49. activetrail.com
  50. mailworkz.co