5 Steps for a Very Successful Interview

Shutterstock - BusinessSTEP 1- PREPARATION

1. Be sure you know how to get there

  •  ask for directions, buses, trains etc.

2. Make sure you look right

  • hair washed and tidy in a style that suits you.
  • clothes: men-business suit, conservative shirt and tie
  • women- should wear a suit or smart co-ordinates.
  • men, never wear earrings.
  • women, never wear sleeveless dresses, it looks too casual.

3. Make sure you feel right

  •  You will feel more confident if you feel fresh and have had a good night sleep.

4. Work out how long it will take you to get there

  •  you must not be late, so leave in plenty of time.

5. Arrive a few minutes early

  •  give yourself time to tidy your appearance as necessary and to relax before your interview.
  •  if you are going to be late, try to telephone whoever is to interview you, or warn the agency.
  •  never take shopping bags/excess luggage with you an interview.

6. Find out as much about the organisation as possible

  •  nothing is more impressive to a prospective employer than your knowledge about them. All local libraries will help you find out what organisations do, try the Internet and asking friends.

7. Take two copies of your C.V

  • sometimes the interviewer does not have a copy and having one to hand will impress.
  • writing some notes on your achievement and contributions from previous jobs, that are relevant.


1. Be Confident

  • do not ignore the receptionist, secretary, they may be asked what they though of you.
  • start as you mean to continue; greet the interviewer confidently with a smile and a firm handshake. Most people are nervous or shy at interviews – and that includes those who are interviewing you. So don’t let the situation worry you. Speak clearly and don’t rush.
  • eye contact is essential. Your focus should be on the interviewer and not the fixtures and fittings in the interview room.

2. Be Polite

  • show good manners and you should gain respect for them. Do not chew gum or smoke unless asked. Wait to be asked before sitting down. All this applies even if the interviewer seems impolite.

3. Be Natural

  • let your personality show through. Be lively, enthusiastic and interested and do not be afraid to give your views-when asked.

4. Show Interest

  •  you must show interest and enthusiasm for what the interviewer tells you about the organisation and the job.


The interviewer will tell you a great deal about the firm and the job, but it is up to you to get all the information you need.

The interviewer will appreciate being asked, because it shows that you have though about the job and that you know what you want. 

You will need to give answers to the following:

  • Why do you want another position? (be positive)
  • Why are you leaving your present company? (be positive-never criticise past or present employers as this can cause a doubt regarding your loyalty and integrity)
  • How do you think that you will fit into this company?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • What do you want in your future?
  • What would you do if you did not get this position?






You need to get answers to the following:

  •  What will be your regular duties?
  • Are there any other occasional duties?
  • Are there other people doing a similar job?
  • Who will be your immediate boss?
  • What hours will you be expected to work?
  • What sort of equipment will you be using?
  • Will somebody train you on new systems you have not used previously?
  • When will you hear whether you have been successful or not?









  • Highlight what skills you have learnt that are relevant to the job.
  • Mention all exams if asked, but in any case, be sure to mention those particularly relevant to the job.
  • Say if you have any interesting spare time activity, or if you have held positions of responsibility.
  • Say if you have done any holiday jobs or voluntary work that are relevant to the job.


  • Having heard about the job, if it appeals to you say so and say why.
  • Let the interviewer see that you are enthusiastic about the job.



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