Behind every search is a person.

The terms typed into search engines reveal a surprising amount about visitor intent. Know as much as you can about your potential customers, and use keywords that reveal intent to purchase your dog food products.
Step One: Understand Your Prospects
Start by considering your potential customers’ motivations and intent.
• What types of questions will they be asking?
• What are they trying to accomplish?
Use these questions to start a list of keywords to research.

Two Types of Buyers
Some of your buyers will be methodical and logical, asking a lot of “how” and “what” questions. How to have a healthier dog? How to improve my dog’s diet? How to have a vegetarian dog? What are the benefits to my dog? What are the ingredients? What is the highest-quality dog food?
Other prospects are more emotional and relational in their approach. Spontaneous and humanistic types are concerned with the experience and the results: best-tasting dog food, best-performing dog food, healthiest dog food, extending a dog’s life.

How To Think Like Your Prospect
Remember that a dog owner does not have to be a vegetarian to see the benefit of feeding their dog vegetarian dog food.
Other questions you can ask: Why are they vegetarian? Is it primarily health? Is it primarily cultural, love of animals, spiritual? Where are they at in the buying process?

Step Two: Think Broad and Wide
Take your list to the Wordtracker Keyword Universe. Use it as a starting point to research specific terms, and also use the thesaurus feature. Gather a few broader terms around “vegetarian dog food.” Make sure that they are specific enough to match your business.
On the Web, traffic costs, so think quality keywords, not quantity. Now you can start adding terms that match most closely with your visitors’ intent in relation to what you sell.

Step Three: Prioritize for Conversion

Prioritize the keywords not just on the amount of traffic potential, but by clear intent. You must also take into account the ability of your product to present the value that will convert this traffic. It is okay to add terms with very little traffic potential if they have a high probability of converting.
These are the terms you will not only want to optimize your pages for, but terms that you will want to be present in your content. If you want a bigger bang, then you will also want to use these keywords in your anchor text.

They asked and you had their answers; that’s how to convert.