JAVASCRIPT: Welcome your users

So are we having fun yet?

Here’s a few more…

This one adds an alert box when the visitor comes to your homepage.


<title>Simple Alert Box</title>

{alert(“Do you know what Bravenet stands for? BRAVENET = Brad and Dave on the Net! :)”)
// –End Hiding Here –>


<!– This part of the script goes INSIDE your FIRST BODY TAG –>
<body onLoad=”loadalert()”>


Simple-simon stuff, huh? Bet you never thought it could be so easy…

Now let’s take it one step further. Let’s have a conversation with the new visitor and then write his name in a personalized message write on the web page he’s visiting.

In the <head>

And in the <body>

Hello, ” + name + ” ! Have you ever tried to install a cool script into your web page?