5 Magnets Guaranteed to Draw New Customers to Your Business

Before you can sell your products and services, you must first attract prospects and customers to your business.
Only then can you begin to educate them about the benefits you have to offer them.
While most of your competitors will take the quick and easy road by using ineffective ‘One-Step’ marketing that just promotes their products and services to disinterested people, you can focus your marketing resources on the Two-Step approach that will catapult you ahead of your competition overnight.

Step One: Attract interested prospects to your business.
Step Two: Convert a percentage of those prospects into paying customers.
Why do you need to take two steps to maximize your sales?
Imagine 10,000 people at a huge festival.
Now picture a tent with a large sign above the entrance that says . . .  ‘FREE COOKING DEMONSTRATIONS.’
Picture another tent with a sign that says . . . ‘FREE WORKSHOP: HOW TO START YOUR OWN BUSINESS!’
And another that says . . . ‘FREE PRESENTATION: RELIEVING BACK PAIN.’

What kind of people do you think will enter the ‘Cooking Demonstration’ tent? People who are interested in cooking, of course. The very people who also have a higher than average interest in buying cooking accessories.

Who would enter the ‘How to Start a Business’ tent? How about people who have some interest in starting their own business? These are perfect prospects for products and services geared to new entrepreneurs.

And who would enter the ‘Relieving Back Pain’ tent? People who have back pain!

Within each of those tents are targeted prospects who are potential customers for products and services related to each of those Free Informational presentations.
The vendors putting on each of those ‘Prospect Generating Presentations,’ are focusing their time and efforts only on people who have a genuine interest in the types of products and services they are offering.
One-Steppers would have just wandered around the festival among the 10,000 visitors yelling, ‘Pots and Pans for Sale! — Only $399!’
Or, ‘Buy Our Business Start-up Book — Only $24.99!!’
Or, ‘Sign up for our Back Pain Treatments! Only $35 a Session!’

What a waste. No one is going to buy anything from the One-Steppers haphazardly promoting their products and services. No one knows them, likes them, or trusts them.
And, more importantly, most of the people hearing their spiel, have absolutely no interest in what they are selling.
But within each tent, a certain percentage of prospects are going to buy what each vendor offers them.
Why? Because these Two-Steppers know how to use marketing magnets to attract just the kinds of prospective customers they want. And during the presentations, the prospects will have the opportunity to get to know, like and trust the presenters.

The offer of free information related to your product or service — information about the problem your product or service solves — is a powerful magnet, that most people can’t resist.
In addition to a free workshop or presentation, here are 5 more magnets that you can use in your business to attract interested prospective customers.

1) FREE TIPS BOOKLET: Create a simple booklet filled with tips related to your product or service. For instance, if you are a beauty consultant, create a Beauty Tips booklet.

2) FREE NEWSLETTER: Create a free newsletter that shares tips and information related to your service — like the one you are reading right now. We have attracted over 60,000 prospects to sign up for our newsletters for our two Web sites, and each time we send one out, we receive thousands of dollars in sales. You could do the same.

3) FREE REPORT: Create a free report on an important aspect of the problem your product or service solves.

4) FREE INFO-PAK: Compile a report and tips into a free Info-Pak of information that will appeal to prospects for your product or service.

5) FREE INFORMATIONAL WEB SITE: A Web site can be an ideal resource for your prospects and customers. You can provide information about your company, your products and services, or even better, lots of free information related to your product or service that your prospects would find appealing.

This is exactly what thousands of business owners are doing. Both of our Web sites — Give to Get Marketing and Get Organized Now! are jam-packed with tons of helpful information to attract people who want this kind of information.

Why do we provide all of this valuable information for free? Because our Web sites are like those tents we told you about earlier. They serve as irresistible magnets that attract thousands of people who are perfect prospects for the products we sell.
Does it work? You bet it does! This is a perfect example of the Give to Get philosophy in action. We attract hundreds of thousands of interested prospects to our business each year – of which many thousands become loyal customers.
Use the power of marketing magnets and you’ll reap tremendous rewards — both professional and financial.
Give a lot to your prospects and your customers, and you will get a lot in return.


(c) Copyright 2002 – Joe Gracia – Give to Get Marketing