The Subconscious Mind and a Positive Attitude

Your subconcious mind can feed on thoughts of defeat or thoughts of success.

It’s a bit of a chain reaction. What you decide to think about or dwell on will leave an impression on your mind that will effect everything you do day in and day out.

A Man is as Big as the Measure of His Thinking

It’s simple really. If you give up and get frustrated with something, that frustration will have a negative impact on the rest of your activities. On the other hand if you plow through something, work hard and find a solution, the impact of that victory will be seen throughout your activities…

Confidence stems from convincing yourself you can…

I often see people arguing online and getting all worked up because of some issue or whatever… And a lot of times you will see emotion come out of people that you know is impacting their attitude at least in the short term.

I’m not saying I’m always level… although my wife seems to think that I’m too level and mellow at times… but you can’t get too caught up emotionally or negatively in something that really isn’t necessary.

Sometimes we must battle; other times it’s not going to make an impact anyway… just walk away and do something else.

You are the master of your attitude and because of that, you can control your effectiveness, productivity, and results online or offline in your business or personal life.

The choice is really yours to think what you think. It may take some effort to train yourself to think a certain way, but it’s worth it. That effort will translate to your subconscious and make for a better YOU.

You can decide to control your subconscious or turn it over to itself and let it control you.

Think Positive… not negative.

A lot of people will joke when someone starts chating about positive attitudes and such… but I can guarantee you there is something to it. You will have much better relationships and results in your life if you are positive rather than negative…

A book worth picking up and reading about building a positive attitude is:

Success Through a Positive Mental Attitude by W. Stone

I at least suggest taking a peek. This approach to life has made my life better and happier…

Many years ago I was at a stage in my life walking down the road of negativity and let my subconscious mind control my actions… that is no longer the case and I’m now much more effective in all aspects of my life.

This doesn’t mean I don’t get brake through episodes of negativity… I’m still human… but I have trained my mind to be much more positive and as a result have improved my life drastically…

Take it and Act!