Choosing and Buying your Domain Name

Choosing a great domain name takes careful consideration

Internet marketing pro Ralph Wilson suggests brainstorming sessions with friends as a way to come up with creative options for your unique domain name.

You’ll want plenty of choices on the chance that your first, second, third, even fourth picks have already been registered by someone else.

Wilson also recommends the following when selecting a domain name:

1. Keep it short.

2. Put two words together (combinations of short words often work well).

3. Make it easy to say and spell.

4. Use the .com or .net extensions.

5. Think about relevant keywords and incorporate them into the domain name.

To be the master of your domain, your first have to give it a name.

This is simple – if your company name is Passionate Pigfeet, you’d likely choose But there could be a snag. However unlikely, someone might already own the domain name

It doesn’t necessarily mean there’s a Web site by that name; some people buy up endless variations on domain names hoping to cash in later when somebody wants to use one of them.

But your domain provider’s Web site will have a simple method to check almost instantly. Web hosts – those with the computing power to “host” your site and all its inner working on the Web – commonly offer domain names as part of their basic package. To find one that meets your needs and budget, search online for “domain hosts.” Or start with one of these: