How to get traffic – tip 5 – Link Back Pages on your website

It’s been true since the birth of the World Wide Web: people like pages of useful links. They’ll bookmark them and return to them. And today, because links are so important to search engine rank, link pages should be part of every targeted traffic plan.
Old fashioned link pages are the ones you build by hand, painstakingly, over many months and years. These are annotated links pages that include not only a URL, but a brief description of the site and its contents. These “handmade” link pages take a lot of time and a lot of effort. Frankly, they are slowly dying out on the web.
But thanks to web-based services and innovative software, you can build useful pages of links while enjoying all the search engine benefits – and without all that painstaking labor. Every serious affiliate marketer should lthink about creative ways to take advantage of these “new fashioned” link strategies
One simple new fashioned strategy is to set up a links page through a service like Bravenet. With this type of page, webmasters fill in a form to “apply” for a reciprocal link with you. On this page, you can explain that the application is subject to review, and that you will only link to them if they’ve ALREADY linked to you.
You can also include required text for the link they give you – you definitely want your keywords or your “brand name’ in that link! And you can even set up a response email, which can be customized. This response email should ask everyone who applies to send you the full URL of the page where they’ve got your link.
But don’t stop there. Once a webmaster sends you the URL where your link appears, submit that link to Google. Just go to, fill in the form, and add the page with your link. Submit it to any other relevant search engine or directory. You want
those search engines to know that page exists so they can spider it as fast as possible.
After you’ve accepted the other webmaster’s link, it will get added to your custom link page. So make sure your links page gets added to your site map.

In fact, make sure you link to it from EVERY page of your site.