Google Chrome Buzz Dying Down?

Attractiveness of Google’s Chrome Internet browser seems to be fading, at least according to the latest figures from online metrics company named Net Applications. And the fall is quite a bit – two quarters of inflated figures.

The statistics showed that the market share of Google Chrome fell for the second straight month. The metrics company confirmed that it had been over-counting Chrome’s share for months. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, which had boasted its largest-ever share increase in the start of the year, also declined slightly last month.

The Net Applications said that it had given Google’s Chrome a larger share than the application actually deserved because the pre-rendering technology used by the browser caused unviewed visits that shouldn’t be taken into account.

Since last month, Net Applications has adjusted this browser’s share by ignoring unused pre-loaded web pages and only taking into consideration the pages that Chrome’s users actually saw. As a result, this slashed the browser’s figures by 4.3%. Overall, the browser’s share fell about 1/2 of a percentage point to end last month with 18.9%, off its peak of 19.1% in December 2011. Google Chrome remained on the third place in the browsers’ chart, behind both Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

In February Net Applications put a decline in the browser’s use down to the fact that the corporation demoted the page rank for Chrome’s download website. This happened after the company confirmed that Google’s marketing campaign had broken the company’s own rules against paid links. In the end of last year Chrome was promised to become the most popular browser in the world, as its growth rate was incredibly high.